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List of state standards

State standard of a unit of electrical capacity from 0.1 pF to 10 mF

Государственный эталон единицы электрической ёмкости от 0,1 пФ до 10 мкФAppointment
Reproduction, storage and transfer of the unit size of the electrical capacitance in the capacitance measuring range from 0.1 pF to 10 mF.

Metrological characteristics
  • The deviation of the actual capacitance value from the nominal value at a frequency of 1 kHz is from 0.02 to 0.05%.
  • Relative standard uncertainty of capacitance measurements (from 1 to 5) • 10-5 .
  • Extended uncertainty of measuring the loss tangent at k = 2, not more than 1•10-5 ÷ 10•10-5<
  • Relative instability for the year is 1,5•10-5 .
Application area  
  • Storage and transmission of a unit of electrical capacity to subordinate standards and working measuring equipment in accordance with the state verification scheme.
  • The implementation of metrological control in the measurement of electrical capacity in industries related to priority areas of science and technology development, such as: nanoelectronic technologies, energy, the creation of composite materials and polymers; the scope of the standard also extends to radio communications, electronics and microelectronics, household video and television technics, radio engineering industry, machine building and machine-tool construction, power engineering, defectoscopy, scientific research following.

Location: Reference Center, Astana

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