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List of state standards

State standard of kinematical liquid viscosity

State Standard of Kinematic Liquid Viscosity, keeping in the Reference Сenter of RSE «KazInMetr», is intended for reproduction and storage of unit of liquid viscosity and size transfer of viscosity unit to 2nd category working standards by a method of direct measurement, and also to 2nd category working standards and working measuring instruments by direct comparison.

The state standard of kinematic liquid viscosity consists of set of measuring instruments:
  • set of the 10 glass capillary viscosity meters with hanging level and 300 mm of capillary length;
  • equipment for the automatic time reading of liquid flow in the standard viscosity meters;
  • equipment for the keeping and measuring of the liquid temperature in the standard viscosity meters;
  • equipment, including PC for the analysis of viscosity measuring results.
Metrological performance:
measurement range 4•10-7 up to 1•10-1 m2/s;
от 0,001 мм2/с до 0,003 мм2/с 0,1
от 0,01 мм2/с до 0,3 мм2/с 0,15-0,23
от 1 мм2/с до 100 мм2/с 0,21-0,31

Location: Reference Center, Astana

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