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List of state standards

State secondary standard for length in range from 0,001 to 20 m

State secondary standard for length in range from 0,001 to 20 meters is developed and created in 2007 in FSUE «VNIIM by D.I.Mendeleyev», St.-Petersburg, Russia and is investigated in cooperation with RSE «Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology», Astana.

The standard is intended to reproduce and store the unit of length in range from 0 to 20 m and transfer the unit of length to measure tapes applied in the Republic, to maintain the uniformity of measurements.

The composition of the standard:
  • laser interferometer of movement, equipped with frequency – Ranishaw XL-80;
  • optical-mechanical system;
  • temperature, humidity and pressure measurement system.
Metrological characteristics of standard:
  • laser optical radiation wave length, microns 0,633;
  • relative instability of laser radiation, at 8 hours continuous running ±2∙10-8;
  • measuring range, mm from 0,1 to 20000;
  • limit in absolute error of a measurement, microns ±(1+1L), L – is measured length in meters.
Sources of traceability:
Calibration and measurement capabilities of the standard are confirmed through traceability to the State primary standard of units of length.

Field of application:
It is possible to carry out of verification of the measure tapes, in diapason from 0 to 20 m on this comparator. The measure tapes are most common measuring instruments meant for measure of the length in this range.

Location: Reference Center, Astana

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