8 (702) 0000-667

List of state standards

State standard of inductance unit of in the frequency range up to 1 MHz

Reproduction of unit, maintaining and transferring the size of the unit of inductance in the frequency range up to 1 MHz

Metrological characteristics
• The reference values for the reproduction of the unit of inductance are 10 mH and 100 mH.
• The inductor unit is reproduced at AC frequency of 1 kHz.
• The standard provides reproduction of unit with an average square deviation of the measurement result not exceeding 2 • 10-6 for 10 independent measurements.
• The non-excluded systematic error does not exceed 5 • 10-6.
• Extended uncertainty 20 • 10-6. The projected value of the instability for the year is 1.5 • 10-5.

Designated area
• Reproduction and maintaining of unit inductance to subordinate standards and working measuring instruments in accordance with the state verification chain;
• Implementation of metrological control in the measurement of inductance in industries such as radio communication, electronics and microelectronics, radio engineering, machine building and power engineering industry.

Location: Reference Center, Astana

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