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List of state standards

State primary standard of a constant electric current force unit in a range from 1•10-15 to 1•10-9 А

The standard is assigned for reproduction, storage and transfer of the constant electric current force unit size in a range 1•10-15 ÷ 1•10-9 A.

The state standard is applied for:
  • Periodic researches for the purpose of definition of safety of its metrological parameters;
  • To transfer of the unit size to subordinated measuring system;
  • Researches for the purpose of its perfection.
Metrological characteristics:
  • Reproduction range of the constant electric current force is 1•10-15 ÷ 1•10-9 A;
  • Reproduction of unit with an average quadratic deviation of measurements result (S ∑), does not exceed 2•10-4 ÷ 1•10-2 at 20 independent supervisions;
  • Not excluded regular error does not exceed 5•10-4 ÷ 25•10-3;
  • The expanded uncertainty makes 1.08•10-3 ÷5.4•10-2.

Location: Reference Center, Astana

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