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List of state standards

State Secondary standard of the unit of electrical resistance to a direct current in a range from 0,001 Ohm to 100 Kohm

№KZ.01.01.00014-2003 in the register of the SSM of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Operated since 2003

Composition of the standard:
- Digital automatic bridge comparator MI 6010С, produced by Measurements International Limited, Canada;
- Model 6011D range extender with 6150A automatic current source;
- A source of a direct current in a range to 150 And automated;
- A set of unique measures of electrical resistance of type MC3050 with nominal values of 1 Ohm, 10 Ohm, 100 Ohm, 1 kΩ, 10 kΩ and 12.9 kΩ, accuracy class 0.0005;
- Liquid thermostat TU300M, manufactured by LLP «ZIP-Nauchpribor», Krasnodar, Russia
- Liquid thermostat Meatest M-301

Metrological characteristics:
- Range of measurement of electrical resistance to a constant current of 0.001 Ohm to 100 kOhm;
- The standard deviation of the measurement result does not exceed 0,22•10-7 Ohm;
- Extended uncertainty (3,7÷5,4)•10-7 ohms with coverage factor k = 2, confidence level P = 0.95;
- Not excluded systematic error 7•10-7 Ом

Sources of traceability:
Calibration and measurement capabilities of the standard are confirmed through traceability to the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (Calibration Certificate No.91).

Designated area:
The standard is designed to reproduce a unit of electrical resistance to direct current, for storing and transferring its size to measuring instruments in accordance with the state verification chain for the purpose of metrological provision of means of measuring electrical resistance.

Due to the fact that the electrical resistance is one of the main in the electrical circuit and affects the safety of operation, which must be taken into account in the calculation, installation and operation of power and electrical devices, as well as the park of means of measuring electrical resistance is used broadly. For today in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the measurement of electrical resistance use resistors, box and measures of electrical resistance, megaohmmeters, multimeters, calibrators, bridges of direct current, shunt resistance used in such industries as power engineering, communications, machine building, machine-tool engineering.

Location: Reference Center, Astana

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