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Requirements for quality and safety of life are constantly rising. The quality infrastructure that ensures the development of economic sectors, conformity of goods and services to applicable requirements, including system of standard documents, verification and testing laboratories, activities in the field of accreditation and conformity assessment. One of the key roles is the role of metrology in the functioning of effective quality infrastructure.

Development of metrology ensures conformance of national products to demanding requirements of up-to-date standards, eliminate of technical barriers to trade, issues solutions for healthcare, ecology, settlement payments between supplier and consumer, development of science and production as nanotechnology, energy saving, pharmaceutical, chemical, gas and oil producing industry and petroleum refining industry sector, mining industry, metallurgy and others.

During the period of countries' integration and globalization of economies, granting of testing results and measurements are turned for demanding and requirement for state establishing. Development of international trade becomes impossible without granting measurement results carried out in different countries.

Participation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in international comparisons, as well as accreditation at international level, ensures reliance for measurements in Kazakhstan. The result is that 58 lines of Kazakhstan's measuring and calibration capabilities were published in the database of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.

Requirements to accuracy of measurements in the development of economic sectors annually increase by times 2-5, wherefore reference base of the Republic is constantly being modernized. By modernization, several tasks are achieved: the system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements is improved, participation in key comparisons by means of high-level standards, which is important for recognition at international level and confirmation of equivalence; demands for measurement in economy, ensuring the traceability of measurements is achieved.

State standards are technical basis of the system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements and presents strategically development area of economy. Development of the reference base allows generating scientific research for development of new types of measuring instruments, working standards, standards, reference materials.