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Участие в Программе наращивание потенциала и передачи знании международного бюро мер и весов по шкалам времени
From 13 to 14 February, employees of RSE "KazInMetr" take part in the seminar "Effective implementation of UTC". This seminar is aimed at assisting laboratories involved in the formation of the UTC World Coordinated Time Scale. Lectures are read by experts in the field of time and frequency measurements from Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland. The seminar is attended by listeners from 24 countries.
Южно-Казахстанский филиал РГП «Казахстанский институт метрологии» планирует в марте месяце 2018 года проведение курсов по подготовке и повышению квалификации
In Almaty, the South Kazakhstan branch of the RSE "Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology" plans in мarch 2018 to conduct courses on training and further training on the following topics:
Оценка неопределенности измерений. Практическое применение
VKF RSE "KazInMetr" from 05 to March 07 is planned to conduct a seminar for professionals in the field of Metrology on the theme "Assessment of measurement uncertainty. Practical application".
Калибровочные и измерительные возможности РГП «КазИнМетр» по электрическим видам измерений
The main objectives of the CIPM MRA are the establishment of the degree of equivalence of national standards (i.e. the degree to which these standards are consistent with the reference values determined during key comparisons and, therefore, are consistent with each other), as well as the mutual recognition of calibration and measurement certificates, issued by national metrological institutes (NMIs), signatories of the CIPM MRA.
Участие в аппаратном совещании Управления здравоохранения г. Астаны
February 6, 2018 Deputy General Director of RSE "KazInMetr" Bazarbaev  Y.A. and Head of Laboratory No. 4 of RSE "KazInMetr" Bekkozhin R.S. took part in the meeting(operational) of the Health Department of Astana with the participation of the heads of medical organizations of Astana.
Правительство Республики Казахстан рассмотрело меры по совершенствованию системы технического регулирования
Today a meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on improving the system of technical regulation was held in Ukimet yui.
Заседание по вопросам поддержки отечественных производителей
ASTANA, January 31, 2018 - REFERENCE CENTER. Today in the Reference Center a meeting was held to support domestic producers with the participation of representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission and branch state bodies.
Визит Ипэк Кагыт Централ Азия
On January 26, 2018, the leading expert of RSE "KazInMetr" N.Veretelnikov with representatives of DCTR for Astana, RSE "KazInSt” and LLP "NCA" visited the enterprise for the production of hygienic paper products of Ipek Kagit Central Asia LLP in Astana.