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Презентация деятельности КазИнМетр для металлургов и образовательных учреждений
On November 22, 2017 Eastern-Kazakhstan branch of RSE "KazInMetr" made a presentation for the metallurgical industry and educational institutions VNIItsvetmet, EKSTU, VKGU. The presentation provided information on the types of work performed by the Institute. The information on international cooperation in the field of metrology, carried out the comparisons and the publication of calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC) in a database on key comparisons (KCDB) of BIPM was of great attention and interest.
Укрепление инфраструктуры качества в странах Центральной Азии на 2017-2019 гг.
During the period of November 20-21 representatives from Federal physicotechnical institute of Germany (PTB) have visited the Reference Center in framework of implementation the project “Strengthening of quality infrastructures in the countries of Central Asia for 2017-2019”. In the frame of visit meetings were held with members of Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology (KazInMetr), National Center for Accreditation (NCA).
Очередное заседание Технического Комитета (далее ТК) КООМЕТ ТК 1.10 «Термометрия и теплофизика»
Next meeting of Technical Committee (referred as ТС) of СООМЕТ ТС 1.10 "Thermometery and thermophysics" was held in Sarajevo, on November, 8-10 2017 on the base of National Metrology Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Сертификация системы менеджмента качества РГП «КазИнМетр»
Since 2004, the quality management system in the Kazakhstan Metrology Institute has been successfully developed in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.
Визит ТОО «Баракат Инвест»
Representatives of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology, RSE «KazInMetr», RSE «KazInSt», LLP «NCA», Department of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology have visited the plant for the production of concrete and gas block of LLP «Barakat Invest» on November 2, 2017 in Astana.
Информация и обучение
The 14th meeting of TC 4 "Information and Training" COOMET held on October 31 - November 1.
According to inconformity with applicable requirements of gas meters  Grand -1,6, produced by RMA "Turbulence-Don", Russia (hereinafter - gas meters), Scientific and Technical Commission for Metrology of Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology (protocol No. 18 of September 28,) was made the decision to suspend the validity of certificate of recognition based on testing results of gas meters  Grand -1,6, produced by RMA "Turbulence-Don", Russia in accordance with clause 5.8 of Interstate standardization rules 06-2001 "Recognition procedure of test results and type approval, control, metrological attestation of measurement means".
РГП «КазИнМетр» исполнилось 21 год
1 November Republican State Enterprise «KazInMetr» celebrates its 21 year. RSE «Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology» was established by decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 1, 1996, № 1342 "On the establishment of the Republican state enterprise "Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology".