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Republican state enterprise "Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology" of Committee of technical regulation and Metrology of the Ministry of investments and development of Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – the Institute) hereby reports that on March 6, 2019, in the test mode is entered in operation a new software "E-statistics on verified measuring instruments" (hereinafter – "AOPSI") in return current, which can be downloaded from http://poverka.kazinmetr.kz/.

To log in to EUPSI, you need to send a request for a username and password to the Institute's email address eupsi@kazinmetr.kz with the indication of the verification laboratory, the full Name of the responsible person for verification marks and the full Name of the verifiers of measuring instruments, for registration, call 8 701 456 76 54.

At this stage, "EUPSI" is intended for registering users (PL, Verifiers), applying for the production of verification stamps, accepting them on the balance sheet and General testing.

ARTA SYNERGY user guide

All suggestions and comments on the work of "EUPSI" should be sent to the e-mail address of the Institute niv@kazinmetr.kz.