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«Electronic records on verified measuring instruments»

Republican state enterprise "Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology" hereby informs that as of 1 January 2017, it stops the operation of the software of ACS verification and enforced software "Electronic accounting data check the measurement means" for conducting monitoring and reporting on verified measurement tools and their transfer to the state scientific metrological centre.

Download the program (rar/4,5Mb) (when you reinstall the data entered are reset) (after setup the program to do the update)

Updated: 17 March 2017. Download total update (rar/311Kb)

List of changes:
  1. Make through "service" "backup database" to backup the program.
  2. Be sure to exit the program using Exit.
  3. Define a working folder in which you installed the program (one way is by pressing the right mouse button on the program's shortcut on the desktop, select "Properties" and view the value of "working directory").
  4. Run the file from the attachment for execution. When prompted for "destination Folder" edit the value of "working directory" and click "Extract".
Additionally, we inform that in accordance with the Rules of electronic record of the data on the verified means of measurement and their transfer to the state scientific metrological centre, approved by order of the Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of industry and new technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan from September 28, 2012 No. 350 PowerEdge actors convey information about the verified means of measurement in SSMC quarterly up to the 15fth day of the month following the reporting period.

Reports in electronic form should be sent to the address: eupsi@kazinmetr.kz.

For technical issues contact the developer of the program: amkim@mail.ru +7-701-330-03-37. Instruction for data transmission and receiving of receipts will be posted further in this section after starting the new server.