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PTB – national metrology institute providing activity in the field of mechanics and acoustic, electric science, thermodynamics and explosion protection, optics, machine building, ionizing radiation, temperature and synchrotron radiation, medical physics and information technologies, managerial works and maintenance department. The main area are research work, measurements and consultation. PTB measures with the highest accuracy and reliability for the benefit of economy, strengthening of technical cooperation. Cooperation between PTB and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding. TÜBITAK UME as the National Metrology Institute of Turkey, is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of national measurement standards as well as research and development activities in scientific metrology in Turkey. The main activity of TUBITAK UME are improvement and development of research investigation of measurement technique, calibration and measuring methods, assistance of national system of measurements through training, consultation, publications and organization of interlaboratory comparison and proficiency testing schemes, traceability of chemical measurements in Turkey. Cooperation between TUBITAK UME and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding.

NIM of China is scientific-research metrology center specializing in the field of thermometry, mechanics and acoustic and information technologies, nanometrology and material measurements, ionizing radiation, medical and biological measurements. It is China’s national metrology institute (NMI) and the state-level technical center for legal metrology. It stays at the top of China's traceability chain. Cooperation between NIM of China and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding. IMBIH is responsible for the establishment of a comprehensive measuring system in Bosnia and Herzegovina with traceability to the International System of Units, SI. Areas of IMBIH’s work are: scientific metrology, legal metrology, industrial metrology. The activity of IMBIH is realization and maintenance of national measurement standards ensuring their traceability to the internationally recognized measurement standards – realization of SI base and derived units, support research and development in all areas of metrology, regarding Legal Metrology - assurance of bylaws in accordance with Law on Metrology, nomination of bodies for control of prepacked products. Cooperation between IMBIH and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding.

KRISS is the national measurement standards laboratory for the Republic of Korea. It is a government-funded institute responsible for providing national measurement standards and testings in 1709 fields, developing new types of measurement standards and technique measurements for plant engineering including biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technologies. The research are development and improvement of measurement standards in measuring area of physical properties, international system of units (system of SI) and realization of SI base and derived units, development of measurement standards for appearing economic branch and new metrology technologies for upcoming generation, conducts research in the field of medical service, environment protection, products and safety, conducting evaluation item of environment protection quality injurious substance containing in food products, ergonomics, national measurement standards. Cooperation between KRISS and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding. Belarusian State Institute of Metrology (BelGIM) is one of the chain links of Measurements Unity Assurance System of the Republic of Belarus. The field of activity of the institute covers development and manufacturing of standards and reference materials, tests, metrological attestation, verification, calibration of measuring instruments, development and maintaining of Republic standards base, performing of high-precision measurements, development of technical normative legal acts, tests and certification of products, services, personnel and quality systems, research activity in the field of metrology, training of specialists and education of metrologists. Cooperation between BelGIM and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding.

СМI is the research institute founded by Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic. СМI provides uniformity and precision of measuring instruments and measurement in all the fields of research, technical and economic activities. СМI provides services in all basic fields of metrology: maintenance and development of national standards, research and development in metrology, transfer of units, calibration of standards and measuring instruments, type approvals of legal metrology instruments, initial and subsequent verification of measuring instruments, conformity assessment in metrology, certification of reference materials. Cooperation between СМI and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding. Institute responsible for national standards for the measurement units, scientific metrology. The main activities are comparisons of Slovak national standards of quantities and their measurement units, as well as transfer of their values to secondary standards, carrying out of research and scientific-technical development in the field of metrology, calibration of working standards and working instruments, verification of the legally controlled measuring instruments, carrying out of pattern approval of measuring instruments, supervision over the realisation of Slovak Certified Reference Materials, elaboration of technical regulations, performance of specialised and technical activities in the field of accreditation and certification bodies. Cooperation between SMU and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding.

Center provides state policy for standardization, metrology, certification and protection of industrial property, planning and realization of national programme, metrology and standardization research, reforming normative documents in the field of metrology, standardization, ensuring of state control over imported and exported goods and services by regulatory requirements, metrology rules and standards, certification rules and object protection of industrial property, accreditation of testing center. Cooperation between National metrology center of state board for standardization, metrology and patents of Azerbaijan Republic and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding. SNIIM - Scientific-Research Institute providing theoretical and field research, development, manufacturing and testing of unique measuring instruments and data measuring systems, verification and calibration of comprehensive measuring instruments, development and certification of measurement procedures. The main activity is ensuring the uniformity of measurements by development and using of measurement standard units, providing services in the field of practical metrology by State Centre for Testing Measuring Instruments. Cooperation between SNIIM and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding.

VNIIMS is the main centre of the State Metrology Service and a centre of research and practical centre of chemical-engineering complex, conducting works in the field of national economy, electric-power industry, oil and gas industry, machine tool building. The main activity is measurement assurance of energy saving solution and energy efficiency technology, measuring systems of safety, manufacturing engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology. Cooperation between VNIIMS and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding. UNIIM is research institute within Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency. UNIIM provides basic and applied researches for science advancement, techniques and technologies that establishes, enhances and using state and secondary standards of measurements, reference materials, as well as transfer of their values to physical quantities, development of normative documents in the field of geometric and mechanical quantity, humidity of solid materials, thermal and electromagnetic quantities. Cooperation between UNIIM and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding.

CSM is a government entity under Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic which carries out functions of national standards body and authorised body on metrology. Major activities are as follows: establishment and development of a national legal metrology system for the purposes of this system are to maintain traceability of measurement results, rendering of verification (calibration), certification of test and diagnostic equipment and measurement services to manufacturers and organisations having different ownership, research on metrology. Cooperation between CSM and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding. NSC “Institute of Metrology” carries out the fundamental scientific and applied scientific researches in the field of metrology, carries out the research and development works related to the creation, improvement, maintenance, comparison, use of the national standards, the establishment of the systems of transferring the sizes of the of units of measurements, participates in the drafting normative documents in the field of metrology, development on metrology national programme and concept development of metrology system, carries out the metrological control and methodological support of metrology in Ukraine. Cooperation between NSC “Institute of Metrology” and RSE “KazInMetr” is carried out under Memorandum of understanding.