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Metrology is the science of measurements, methods of ensuring their unity and means of achieving the necessary accuracy of measurements.

As the Head of State noted in the annual message to the people of Kazakhstan, it is necessary to start implementing the Third Modernization of Kazakhstan, which includes the tasks of technological re-equipment, industrialization, innovative development, and automation. The solution of these tasks is impossible without the participation of metrology, which provides the necessary accuracy and level of measurements.

The importance of measurements in modern society is great. Measurements serve not only as a source of scientific knowledge, but are invaluable for accounting for material resources and planning, for domestic and foreign trade, for ensuring product quality, interchangeability of nodes, details and technology improvements, to ensure the safety of human labor.

In connection with the forced industrial and innovative development of the republic, the entry of the EAEC, the WTO, the development of high-priority innovative areas aimed at strengthening the economy and improving the quality of life, such as: the transport sector, information technology, telecommunications, electronics and optics, the field of electromagnetic and ionizing radiations , the energy sector, the development of new energy sources, such as biodiesel, hydrogen fuel, energy recovered during waste disposal, t called for alternative sources - solar energy, wind power will increase the need for more reliable and accurate measurement results.

The implementation of 45 joint investment projects of Kazakhstan and China in various industries, the holding of the International Specialized Exhibition "Astana EXPO-2017" only underscore the growing need of the branches and enterprises of the republic in professional metrologists.