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Сертификация системы менеджмента качества РГП «КазИнМетр»
Since 2004, the quality management system in the Kazakhstan Metrology Institute has been successfully developed in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.
Визит ТОО «Баракат Инвест»
Representatives of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology, RSE «KazInMetr», RSE «KazInSt», LLP «NCA», Department of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology have visited the plant for the production of concrete and gas block of LLP «Barakat Invest» on November 2, 2017 in Astana.
Информация и обучение
The 14th meeting of TC 4 "Information and Training" COOMET held on October 31 - November 1.
Training courses and workshops
Проведение курсов повышения квалификации
In Astana at RSE "Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology" 13 to 17 November 2017 it is planned to conduct training courses on the following topics.
Оценка неопределенности измерений для поверочных/калибровочных и испытательных лабораторий
We propose to attend our “Implementation of Measurements Uncertainty Evaluation in metrological practice” advance training course, which will take place in November, 20-24, 2017, in the Centre of Measurement Standards, Astana city.
Поверка и калибровка средств измерений электрических величин и Поверка и калибровка средств измерений времени и частоты, радиотехнических измерений
South Kazakhstan Branch of RSE "KazInMetr" plans to conduct courses on the topics: "Verification and calibration of measuring instruments of electrical quantities" and "Verification and calibration of time and frequency measuring instruments, radio engineering measurements" from 16 to 27 October 2017 - initial training, from 16 on October 20, 2017, further training.