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As part of the development of the draft law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan on the issues of ensuring the uniformity of measurements and standardization" the Ministry on Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan developed Analytical forms as a result of regulatory impact analysis of regulatory instruments:

introduction of the function of the authorized body to establish rules for the registration of state measurement standards and measurement standards;

introduction of the function of the authorized body on the establishment of calibration order of state measurement standards and measurement standards;

introduction of the function of the authorized body to establish the procedure for determining and approving the List of measurements (measuring instruments), within the scope of the state metrological control, as well as metrological requirements for them;

introduction of the function of the authorized body on the establishment of order of use of calibration results during verification of measuring instruments;

introduction of checklists (types) of measurement and measuring instruments falling within the scope of the state metrological control and metrological requirements for them, defined and approved by the public authorities in coordination with the competent authority.

Your comments and suggestions we kindly ask to send to e-mail addresses: karlygash_sat@mail.ru; zvetok284@mail.ru; aliya.alimbekova@list.ru.

We inform you that International Bureau of Legal Metrology developed a web site World Metrology Day for 2016 http://www.worldmetrologyday.org/

The theme for World Metrology Day 2016 is ‘Measurements in a Dynamic World’. The topic was chosen to align with the increasing rapid pace of change in measurement science, and indeed of the world around us.

Metrology plays a central role in scientific discovery and innovation, industrial manufacturing and international trade, in improving the quality of life and in protecting the global environment.

World Metrology Day is an annual celebration of the signature of the Metre Convention on 20 May 1875 by representatives of seventeen nations. The Convention set the framework for global collaboration in the science of measurement and in its industrial, commercial and societal applications. The original aim of the Metre Convention - the world-wide uniformity of measurement - remains as important today as it was in 1875.

The World Metrology Day project is realized jointly by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures and the International Organization of Legal Metrology.

  30.04.2013  |  More

From 27th to 31th of may  2013 "Metrological provision production";

From 10th to 14th of June  2013 " Calculation of measurement uncertainty for verification / calibration and testing laboratories ".



Secondment: Mr Chingis Kuanbayev : Mr Chingis Kuanbayev, Head of the Mechanical and Geometrical Laboratory at the National Metrology Institute of Kazakhstan (KazInMetr RSE), will be on secondment at the BIPM from 1 October 2012 to 30 November 2014. – He will take over as JCRB Executive Secretary as from 3 December 2012.


  01.06.2012  |  More

On May 25, 2012 calibration laboratory of  RSE "KazInMetr" accredited by the Accreditation System of the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance of  ST RK ISO/IEC 17025-2007 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories." The accreditation scope of the calibration laboratory includes the following dimensions:

  11.11.2011  |  More

10th session of Working group NTCMetr on theoretical metrology and 34th session of NTCMetr МГС


During the period from October, 19 till October, 22 in the Russian Federation on the basis of FSUE «VNIIFTRI », settlement Mendeleevo have taken place 10th session of Working group NTCMetr on theoretical metrology (ТМ) and 34th session of the Scientific and technical commission on metrology (NТCМеtr) Interstate council on standardization, metrology and certification (EASC).

Affiliated state enterprises “Kazakhstan verification service” informs you about new location: Astana city, Ikilas Dukenuli street 29 (Turan university, 3 floor, cabinet 9). Contact tel: (7172) 20-55-70, 20-55-72, fax: 20-55-71.
  26.10.2010  |  More

Recommendations by Robert Kaarls - Secretary of the Comite International des Poids et

Mesures (CIPM) - for the National Metrology Institute of Kazalhstan, KAZINMETR

Visit to Kazakhstan 23. – 27. August 2010

  29.09.2010  |  More

45th CIML Meeting

Resolutions (not edited)

Friday 24 September 2010

  07.06.2010  |  More

Conference “Measurements in Science and Technology – a bridge to innovation”, devoted to celebration of the World Metrology Day, took place in 20th of May, 2010, in the Measurement Standards Center of Astana.

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Последние файлы:
  10.07.2007  |  Download

The name of archive with a register database is written in the following format: baseYY_ММ_DD.zip or baseYY_ММ_DD.rar where YY - last figures of year number, MM - number of month, DD - the date when the archive has been created.

Please, pay attention, that the rar-archive size is less, than the zip-archive size. But the database in both archives is the same. It is not necessary to download both archives, it is enough to download any one of them.

After reception of archive with a database, it is necessary to unpack its contents (a file of a database with a name base.mdb) in a folder with the established program "Information support of the register" (by default it is a folder "C:\Program Files\Inf. obespech. IS KazInMetr). To start the program it is necessary to press the parameters button and in the field the server to specify an arrangement base.mdb file.


  30.06.2005  |  Download

The program " Information support of the register "

ATTENTION!!!! To start work with the program it is necessary to receive a license file. Procedure of the license file reception is described in "Instructions on initial adjustment of the program" (go to <http://www.kazinmetr.kz/other/first/>).

ATTENTION!!!! You should install the program on that computer for which you wish to receive a license file. If the program is installed on several computers it is necessary to receive the license file for each computer.

The quantity of program copies are agreed in “The information service contract”, concluded with RGP «KazInMetr».

The license file is sent only after the contract conclusion and receiving the fee.

Database for the program "Information support of the register"   


  31.03.2005  |  Download

The program of the electronic account of data about calibrated measuring apparatuses <http://www.kazinmetr.kz/rus/po/? cid=1>

ATTENTION!!!! The archive with the program contains all necessary files for program work, except for files of registration with own requisites of the user. To receive these files it is necessary to have an e-mail address registration. For registration it is necessary to send enterprise Essential Elements: the full name of the enterprise and the number of accreditation certificates, and also an e-mail address on which registration files will be sent.

ATTENTION!!!! Begin work with the program only after reception of registration files! They are necessary for correct work of the program! All conformance certificate notices on unfitness and checking data, typed without registration files, will require correction.

ATTENTION!!!! To print the certificates in Kazakh and Russian it is necessary to download correction to the program. Files from the downloaded archive need to be placed in a folder with the program, having replaced with them former files. Printing is available in "Input and processing of gauges certificates" window. But in this case there won’t be any availability on forms certificates printing.

ATTENTION!!!! If Kazakh letters are not visible at input of certificates probably you will be helped by installation of fonts from Fonts_kaz.rar archive.


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